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Bohai Leasing treats talents as its first resource for enterprise development, consistently adheres to the talent concepts of merit-based introduction, meritocratic yin, possessing both capability and moral integrity, training & development, and survival of the fittest. A unique mechanism is formed in the selection, use, education, retention, and assessment of talents, with the purposes of creating a dominant position for talents in global leasing industry.

As the only listed company within the domestic leasing industry, the subsidiaries of Bohai Leasing comprise top-ranking leasing companies both at home and abroad. Through the adoption of counselor mechanism and internal communication & deployment mechanism, it is possible to help employees arrange career planning, based on individual ability and willingness to work, and provide employees with cross-border, cross-disciplinary and cross–level career development paths.

Bohai Leasing’ s innovative, dynamic, excellent competitive salary and remuneration welfare system and salary dynamic adjustment mechanism allow employees to share the company's development achievements. The company continues to explore new assessment models, pay equal attentions to quality assessment and performance results, and implement the outstanding performance-oriented floating bonus system linked to performance appraisals. Rewards and punishments are clear, and treat equally without discrimination.

Bohai Leasing possesses a comprehensive training curriculum, teacher management system and training effectiveness evaluation system, integrates internal and external training resources, and builds a perfect growth platform for young people, through the selection & training of HPT (high potential talent), IMT (International Talent) training program, young talent business plan, reserve CEO selection & training program, and other training programs.

Bohai Leasing establishes humane living care and job security mechanism, regularly organizes various forms of employee sodality, birthday parties and other themed events, and sets up special funds for the establishment of diversified cultural and sports clubs, associations to enrich their leisure life. Through the implementation of employee discount tickets and preferential housing policies, the company releases mutual fund to those employees who become serious illness or experience hardship due to disasters, which dramatically enhance employee satisfaction and motivation.