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 Financial Leasing

Realize lessee’s goal of rapid financing, by way of financing goods. The application procedures are simple.

The leasing period and rent of financial leasing can be flexibly arranged according to lessee's financial situation.


 Operating Lease

Effectively reduce or maintain the lessee's asset-liability ratios, and improve the all capital earnings rate, under the premise of not increasing assets.

Reasonably make arrangements for rent, realize retrocession of profits, compensation of arrearages during good year, and ensure lessee’s reasonable growth of profits.

Facilitate lessee’s tax management.

Obtain the right to use equipment, under the premise of not changing the corporate balance sheets.

Help companies achieve cash flow balance.


  • Sale and lease-back
    Lessees can sell and lease back its own fixed assets, reaching the goal of revitalizing the stock assets, and exchanging the current cash inflows.
  • Leverage lease
    Give full play to the“leverage”advantage, and meet lessee’s demands for highly capital-intensive equipment with long effective life.
  • Manufacturer lease
    Expand sales channels for equipment manufacturers and vendors, and promote the reflow of corporate sales income
  • SPVlease
    It is a kind of effective measure to isolate risks. In case aircraft leasing business is operated through the application of Bonded SPV mode in China, lessees can enjoy such preferential policies as import link tariffs and deferred payment of VAT, which further reduces lessee’s pressures on cash flow expenditures.