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  •  To the lessee

    1.Help to solve the fund shortage in management and equipment upgrade

    2.No effect on bank credit

    3.Free up the assets through leaseback

    4. Optimize capital structure and financial report

    5.The rational allocation of enterprise resources and tax resources taxable;

    6.Corporate with the domestic leasing companies could avoid risk。

    7.Avoid the thinning of shareholders’ equity

    8.Expand sails and accelerate the equipment manufacturing.

  •  For the government

    1.Accelerate investment from bank and society, enable the financial multiplier effect.

    2.Fulfil the finance need of official public and infrastructure construction.

    3.Accelerate the technique upgrade of the state-owned enterprise.

    4.Invigorated the social stock assets.



  •  For manufacturers

    1.Accelerate the sails, expand the market share

    2.Reduce the risk of account receivable and installment payment.

    3.Reduce selling loan, cut down the asset-liability ratio.

    4.Accelerate turnover of capital, help to expand reproduction and research.

  •  For the Banks

    1.Accelerate bank’s fund flow

    2.On the carrier of physical assets financing, is advantageous to the bank credit risk control, to ensure the safety of assets;

    3.The corporation of bank and leasing company will help to make new revenue point.