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Aircrafts & aircraft materials leasing

    Bohai Leasing mainly takes Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, Shanghai Composite Bonded Port, Shenzhen Qianhai as lease projects. SPVs are established at main operating bases, with the purposes of operating large aircraft leasing business. HKAC mainly carries out aircraft operating leases around the world. With the integration and improvement of operating platforms both at home and abroad, Bohai Leasing has established several SPVs in Ireland, Singapore, and Hong Kong, for the operation of a series of international aircraft operating lease projects. As a result, the demands of domestic airlines for increased transport capacity and expanded fleet are met in the fastest way, the financial indicators of airline companies are adjusted and improved, and the debt ratio are reduced. At the same time, the company provides aircraft spaces, aircraft financing, pilot training support, aircraft assets management and other integrated package services. Furthermore, the unique aircraft business structure that combines cross-border business platform and purchasing, leasing & service can help domestic customers rapidly access to aircraft sources, and solve the urgent needs of airline companies for expanded fleet size.