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Flagship in International Leasing Industry

As China’s only one listed financial leasing company in A–share market, with China's peaceful rise and national rejuvenation, Bohai Leasing will continue to play its proven operational capabilities and financial advantages, seize historic opportunities, expand the business areas and scales, keep up with the times, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, and strive to build into an international leasing industry flagship in the next 20 years.

Pacemaker in Transaction of Leasing Assets

Despite of tries and explorations in China’s transaction of financial leasing assets, yet, on the whole, the market of lease assets transactions is still almost blank. Bohai Leasing will actively play its own influence in the industry in the future development, strive to become a peacemaker and important participant in domestic leasing asset transactions, and make contributions to strengthen China’s market of leasing assets transactions.